Blizzard Beach * Boys Only! * Tuesday

Blizzard Beach EMH opened at 8 am, so Rob & the boys definitely wanted to be there by then. So they woke up at the last possible moment, ate a couple of donuts, hopped in their bathing suits, and headed out to the bus at 7:20 am. The rest of this just does not go in any order, as Rob is the worst for giving me details. So, here’s what they did.

They all went around Cross Country Creek. The boys had fun on the ice floats in Tike’s Peak. They went to Melt-Away Bay and did some waves. They went up the Chair Lift and and went down Teamboat Springs. They all had fun on Runoff Rapids a couple of times. Actually, Alec only did it once because, so I’m told, he was too tired to walk the stairs back up. So Rob plopped him down next to a lifeguard and told him not to move until they came back down. Nice dad, eh? Alec was fine though.

Now, for the most exciting part! They all went up the stairs to Summit Plummet, but Alec was just too short for it (with sneakers he’s 48 inches but not without). So, Evan bravely went down Summit Plummet all by himself. My preemie baby going down Summit Plummet! Ahhhhhhhhh ... even I did not go on that the last time I was at Blizzard Beach. My baby is growing up.

Blizzard Beach started getting crowded after noon so they all made it back to the resort just before 1 pm. They changed and went to Riverside Mill for lunch.

I know this is the most boring update ever. I thought I’d just get this one out so I can get going on my Magic Kingdom update. That update will not disappoint you!

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