DawnMaree ... That would be me. I'm always the Disney freak and Disney planner and I love doing it. I started planning our trip back in early February 2007 and went gung-ho from there. I have been a member of the DISboards since 2002 but it wasn’t until this year that I have met some very nice people who I have become cyberfriends with!

Rob ... my husband of 11 years. We went to the same high school but never knew each other. It wasn’t until 1994 that I met Rob through my brother and we’ve been history ever since. He likes Disney. He doesn’t actually love it as much as I do but he does enjoy going there and lets me plan it all.

Evan ... our 1st son. My preemie born at 31 weeks. He’s 7 now and is very shy. He has been getting better about talking to others but big groups scare him. However, the whole time while in Disney he was nonstop and ever demanding. He even opened up a bit to a select few – characters that is.

Alec ... our 2nd son, age 6. He is definitely a Mommy’s boy and I love it. However, he is a couch potato and it shows. He got tired easily but managed to handle our long days fine. He seemed to ask the same question time after time after time, "Why do we have to stand in all these lines?"

Brooke ... our little princess, age 2 (going on 16). She loves to dance and sing but is very very demanding. She is also Daddy’s girl right now and Daddy doesn’t help the Diva situation. Brooke surprised me this trip with a bit of shyness at times. Believe me, this girl is not usually shy. All in all she had a great time and handled the trip the best an almost 3-year-old could.


This trip was full of plans, hopes, and wants. Were the plans always kept? Were the hopes and wants met? In the best answer I can give to you now -- NO. But we still had a wonderful vacation with lots of memories to last a lifetime. I have lots and lots of pictures to share and tales to tell. So, stick around with me and my trip report and I’ll tell you all how our plans, hopes, and wants really went day by day ...