Port Orleans Riverside * Waking Up * Monday

The morning started out very early. I mean early folks. I am just not used to waking up at that time -- or probably any time earlier than 8:00 am. So, I dragged myself out of bed and started to get ready while the rest of the clan slept. Then Rob took his turn. Since we were to have breakfast at Donald’s Breakfastosaurus, I let the kids sleep in as late as possible with enough time to get them to hit the potty, get dressed, and get to the bus stop. Waking them up was so much fun ... Click here for a video of "Waking up the Kids".

Finally, after dragging the kiddos out of bed, we were off to the bus stop. I wanted to wear my Crocs Capris again today to better match my outfit, but I noticed that the balls of my feet were hurting somewhat. The Capris do not have much of a cushiony feel on the bottom. So, I thought it best to wear my Athens. At the bus stop, was I the only one that was revving to go? Tell me what you think. Here’s Rob holding Brooke ...

B&R bus

... and the ever so perky Alec.

A bus

Well, at least Evan seemed ready to go!

E bus

After I took the picture of Evan, I realized that my lens was all fogged up from the early morning humidity. So, I took out my professional lens cleaner. Er, I mean I wiped the lens on my shirt and all was good to go! We had gotten to the bus stop at about 7:10 am, and while we were waiting, I looked over at Port Orleans Riverside’s main building and thought it was time for some more photo ops. Except Evan had to get in the picture.

E main bldg

After I took his picture, I took a couple more of the building by itself.

Main bldg

And if any of you are smokers, there is a DSA (designated smoking area) in the front of the main building to the left out in the bright sunlight or downpour of rain, depending on weather. Since we are nonsmokers here, I didn’t really care but I just thought I’d add that.

Main bldg

Now, I can’t remember if it was Evan or Alec who wanted to take a picture of me & Brookie, but I let them. I thought it came out pretty well. Plus you can all admire my pearl/orange Crocs Athens ...

D&B bus

Time for one more picture of my 3 little darlings. Notice also that Evan & Alec are wearing their Pirates medallions. That $20 is not seeming so bad now ...

E,A,B bus

And the last picture before the bus arrived. I had fun with this one on my Disney Pix program and added my own Tinkerbell ...


The bus arrived at about 7:25 am and off we went to the Animal Kingdom to meet up with another DISer Laura (Crazy Kanga) and her family for breakfast at Donald's!

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