Port Orleans Riverside * Eating and Swimming

This update will be pretty much all story and no pictures. There is lots to say and one part especially near the end of this update made a big impact on me for the night and on our day at Epcot on Thursday. So, read on ...

We finally got back to our room and told the kids that we all needed to just rest for awhile in the room to calm down. That actually worked for just over an hour or so. Enough to do what we wanted.

Now, the plan was to return to MGM Studios for EMH. Deep down, I really did not want to go back. There were things we missed, but I was tired. We had a little family pow-wow, and nobody else wanted to go back either. Everyone wanted to go swimming at Ole Man Island. And since we never really had a day of rest, we decided that was exactly what we were going to do. But first we needed to eat dinner.

We went over to the Riverside Mill for dinner. No pictures. I had a carved flank steak sandwich that was absolutely great! I wish I had gotten it earlier in the week. It was that good - and a counter service meal!! The rest of family got the same old, same old. Don’t even need to go into that.

After our dinner we headed back to the room and changed into our bathing suits and made the walk to Ole Man Island. About halfway there I remembered that I forgot my camera. I was hoping Rob would say, “You go on ahead, and I’ll run back and get it.” But what I got was the evil eye. So, no pictures again. Sorry. Seriously. I really am sorry and a bit ticked that Rob wouldn’t go back to get the camera. He knew my feet really hurt.

I found a couple of loungers by the kiddie pool and plopped my butt down. Brookie immediately went into the kiddie pool. Rob and the boys went into the main pool to swim. Brookie had a lot of fun. A slightly older girl befriended her, and they had fun following each other around. The boys came back and forth from time to time. But after awhile, I was getting a bit bored sitting there. So, the next time I saw Rob, I told him we all should go into the main pool. And that's we did.

It was very refreshing. The boys really wanted to go down the slide, so I made my way with Brookie to that end of the pool while Rob took the boys up to the slide. They were so cute coming down, except for the fact that I had a screaming Brookie wanting to go down that slide now. Rob even came down the slide, and he saw Brookie pleading to go down the slide. Rob said, “That’s the problem, I can’t take her down the slide.” But I told him to take her up, and I would wait at the bottom and catch her when she came down.

So, off Rob, Brookie, Evan and Alec went to the top of the slide again. Down came Alec. Down came Evan. Rob gave me the signal that he was sending Brookie down. So I waited. And she came around the corner of the slide sideways. SPLASH! I caught her. I was wondering how she would react. She rubbed the water off her eyes and said, “I wanna do it again!” After Rob came down, I told him and back up they went. The next time she came down the right way. It really was cute.

After a bit more swimming around, Brookie was done. But the boys weren’t. I told Rob I’d take her back to the room, and they could all stay for awhile more. But on the way back I needed to make a pit stop at the pool bar to get me a pina colada. Oh yeah, I was wanting me one of them. I froze my fingers all the way back to the room but it was so worth it.

And now to get on with some seriousness. This is the point that my day just sort of “dropped”.

My parents had driven down to Maryland to visit my Uncle Pete. I decided now was a good time to give them a call, as Brookie was relaxing watching TV. My mom told me they were having a good time and where they went out to eat. After a couple of minutes she says, “Well, I have some family news to tell you. We spoke to your grandmother in California, and she has been diagnosed with colon cancer.” That totally threw me for a loop. Here I was on vacation in the Happiest Place on Earth and she gives me that news. I haven’t seen my grandmother since 2001 when Alec was a baby. Now, I am feeling guilty that of all the other vacations I have planned, not one of them was to California. I always reasoned that it was cheaper for us to go to Disney World or Cape Canaveral or Fort Myers - you get the picture - than it was to take the whole family out to California. I asked Mom if there were any plans for them to fly out there, and she said no. My grandmother still had to meet with a cancer specialist first. They all were optimistic. Me, not so much. Nonetheless, I still had the rest of the evening and 2 more whole days of our Disney vacation. So, there was nothing I could do but have a good time and worry about it when we got home.

When the boys returned it was getting pretty late, so we all washed up and got ready for bed. Tomorrow would be another long day at Epcot.

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