MGM Studios * Rock 'N' Rollercoaster

For any of you who have had to wait for family and/or friends while they were riding Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, you pretty much know that the area around the outside is very bright and sunny and very very hot. We found a little shaded spot to sit and wait for Rob and Evan. I loved listening the to Aerosmith songs. I saw them a couple of times in concert. I even had front row once!

I got up to dance a bit to the music and tried to get Brookie to dance with me, but Brookie wanted nothing to do with dancing. That was not usual with her. She loved dancing. So, feeling just a teensy bit silly, I sat down and wondered how I could pass the time. Oh! How about taking a some pictures? Yeah ... that’s the ticket! Thanks for cooperating Brookie ... dang that binkie.


But, I can pretty much rely on Alec to brighten things up!


Hm ... okay. I took pictures of Brooke and Alec. Now what? And why were Rob and Evan taking so long? Oh, that poster of Aerosmith with the guitar totally rocks! So, I took a picture of it. Please admire my artistic ability once again. Thank you very much!


I kept checking the time, and it was nearing the time we needed to head over to the Sci-Fi. But I was a bit worried that Alec & I still did not use our FPs. I was pretty sure we could still use them at any time during the day, but I went up to the CM to make sure. She said absolutely we could use them anytime before park closing. So, I put them in my safe handy dandy plastic KTTW cardholder around my neck.

Okay, now we were really getting hot in the bright sunlight, so I decided to wander over to the gift shop area and wait for Rob and Evan. But not before turning around and seeing this perfect picture ...


I wonder why I never saw it like that before. I always get the crooked pictures from Sunset Boulevard. This one was totally straight on. LOVE IT!

Finally, Rob and Evan came off the ride. I asked what took so long and the only answer Rob could give me was that the line was really long even in the FP line. Great! Something to look forward to. But first we needed to hightail it over to the ...


... and get us some grub!

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