MGM Studios * Sci-Fi Dine In

We crossed the park very efficiently and found our way to check in at the Sci-Fi Dine In. Notice please that we cut around the Tip Board saving us probably a whole 30, if not 40 seconds!

We checked in, and they told us it would be a few minutes, which it was, and then we were shown to our cool yellow car. Evan & Alec sat in front, Rob & Brookie in the middle, and I brought up the rear. You can’t see me in this picture obviously because I’m taking the picture. But look at my goofy Evan ...


Because I had used up 2 of our table service credits at Cinderella's, Rob & I decided. Wait a minute. I mean I decided that we would pay out of pocket for our’s and Brookie’s meals and use the table service credits for the boys. I prayed that the CM taking our order would get this right. We had a fine guy named Taoufiq as our server. He was nice and said that he understood totally how we wanted our check divied up.

Alec ordered a salad for his appetizer whilst Evan ordered the tomato soup. They both decided on the mac and cheese for their entree. Alec ate almost all of his salad, but Evan said he didn’t like his soup. No biggie. Both boys ate their mac and cheese. We ordered Brookie a dessert fruit salad (yummy, yummy ... sorry for the Wiggle reference) for her meal. I thought that would be good for her, as it was a nice big plate of fruit, and I didn’t think she was going to be a very good eater for lunch. I was right, but at least we could all help her with the fruit.

Both Rob & I ordered burgers and fries for our entrees, and it did not disappoint. We knew better than to order anything more complicated. We were there for the atmosphere and we loved our burgers. Plus it was cheap. And we love cheap. At least cheap in the Disney sense in which everything else was probably more.

We asked dear sweet Taoufiq (now how do you think that is pronounced as I just can’t remember; I'm looking at our receipt) if he would take our picture. Here’s what he took ...


See me in the back seat all alone? Yup, enjoying that one!

Anywho, we loved the “kary” movie trailers and music. Just loved it. The kids loved it too. Brookie just couldn’t get enough ...


I should say that Brookie just couldn’t get enough attention. Back to the lovely Kiss tongue ... Click here for
"Brookie's "Kiss" tongue" video.

And I finally caught a good little video of Brookie be-bopping to the music ... Click here for
"Brookie Bebopping" video.

The boys ordered chocolate sundaes, and we ordered one for Brookie too. We paid our portion of the bill, which Taoufiq figured out perfectly, and headed on out.

I asked Rob for the time, which was 12:50 pm. Oh, great! I knew that Lightning McQueen and Mater were going to be out for awhile so we started to walk and saw that the Muppets Show was going to start. We parked our stroller and headed over to The Muppets.

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