MGM Studios * Stolen Stroller and Rock 'n' Rollercoaster

When we parked our stroller, we placed our double stroller against the wall and pushed the umbrella stroller up against the back of it. I then took a beach towel and laid it across the top of both strollers. I did this all the time so our strollers would be together, easy to locate, and it kept the sun mostly out. Plus, it kind of hid my big pack of essentials. This time the strollers were in the shade, but I still put the towel over them.

We came out of Muppets all happy. The kids loved it. Some people think it needs updating, but for those young ones who have never seen it, it’s great! Evan needed to use the restroom now. At least he doesn't still do the pee dance. So I took Brookie and Alec over to collect our stroller whilst Rob took Evan to the restroom. When I approached the double stroller I saw that our pink umbrella stroller was missing.

Now, I know sometimes CMs rearrange strollers, so I wasn’t worried. I started casually looking around for it. It wasn't anywhere in immediate eyesight. I then started getting a bit frantic and walked up and down with Alec and Brookie looking for the stroller amongst all the other strollers. It absolutely positively was not there. Somebody stole our stroller! Now I really was freaking because it was our own stroller, not the rented one.

Rob and Evan came up and I told him what happened. He went back and looked all over and didn’t find it either. He then spotted the exact same pink umbrella stroller across the way in a non-stroller parking area. The only problem was, it wasn’t ours. Now, I was positive that some dufus took our stroller thinking it was theirs, even though our stroller was no where even close to theirs and ours was covered up by our beach towel.

Meanwhile, time’s a ticking. I really wanted Alec to meet up with Lightning McQueen and Mater. I knew he would love it. So we headed out onto Streets of America and waited for Rob who was still looking around.

Rob finally came back with our stroller. He said he saw another guy with it and went up to him. The guy hadn’t a clue. Rob said that the guy was wondering why the shade was so much lower on this one. Uhm ... did he ever think why “his” stroller was parked in a totally different area and underneath someone else’s beach towel? Did he also wonder whose water bottles and other things were in the mesh pocket? I mean come on! What an idiot this guy was. I was completely ticked off and it’s probably a good thing that Rob found this guy and not me.

Now, why didn't I think to head over to Cars whilst we waited for Rob? I can’t even tell you. I’m thinking that my brain was still all messed up about someone possibly stealing our stroller. But we were on our way now and it was just around the corner.

There was a CM standing at the end of the meet-n-greet line. She told us the line was closed. No more people were allowed in line, but we could come back at 5 pm. Great lady. That so was not going to happen. But Rob took the boys up to as far as he could get so they could at least view Lightning and Mater. Alec was disappointed, and I tried my best to make him feel better.

So, what did we want to do now? I knew the line for The Great Movie Ride was ridiculous, and we didn’t care if went on that or not. The timing for the shows was not very good, but we were near Star Tours. So we headed over there and grabbed us some FPs. The heat of the day was starting to bother me, and usually it doesn’t bother me much. I think it had to do with my feet still being very painful and things not really working out in our favor at this point.

Brookie fell asleep in the stroller on the short walk from Cars to Star Tours. While we waited for our FP time to come up I told Rob that I was going to take Alec back over to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster while he took Brookie and Evan over to the Jedi Training Academy.

What was I thinking? I pushed Alec in the double stroller back across the park to RnRC.

My feet were hurting so bad. I parked the stroller quickly and off we went to the FP line. They gave Alec the once over and in we went. Whew! I have to admit that I was a bit worried that Alec wouldn’t make the 48-inch line again. But he did. Our FP line went very fast. We walked right up to my good buddy Steven Tyler and the gang and then back out in the alley while we awaited our super stretch limo. The next thing I was worried about was how Alec would do with a roller coaster that flipped as much as this one does. He had never done that before (and remember, this is the kid who has gotten sick on the plane descent). Too late now! Off we went through the streets of Los Angeles with Aerosmith blasting in our ears.

After our limo ride we got off and Alec seemed fine. We walked over to view our ride photo and here is what really stinks. There were all these people crowded around the ride photos. We politely waited while people just stood there and gawked at their own photos. Then we get to step up and our picture is no where in site. They had changed to the next limo already. I turned to the CM and said, “Hey, our picture is gone already and we didn’t get to see it.” Did she ever so nicely say how I could view it? Nope, she just looked at me and shrugged. Geez lady, did you know that I was going to redneck the photo?

So, back we went to the stroller and, ever so hurtingly, I pushed Alec back to the Star Tours area where Rob, Evan & Brookie were waiting for us...

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